Different Types Of Home Styles And Roof Styles In The United States

Feb 20, 2016 by

Anyone looking to buy a home in the United States should have a basic idea about the different types of homes styles and roof styles that are available. In fact, there are many types of home styles and roof styles spread across the country. As per the latest statistics, Craftsman is the most popular style of home sold in the country during the previous year. Also, the Traditional style was most popular in the Midwest, Mountain region, and the Northeast. Where the roof styles are concerned, flat roofs are the most popular in the country. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the different types of home styles and roof styles in the United States.

Home Styles –

Craftsman – These houses remind us of the 20th-century arts and crafts movement. The exteriors of these homes are a combination of stone and wood. The houses are often built as bungalows but can be of any shape as long as they synchronize with nature and the craft of construction.
Country Style – These homes are considered a likely update of the popular Colonial style homes. These styles are influenced by the 18th-century colonists who brought European styles with them. These homes are characterized by two windows on either side of the front door as well as five windows on top. The middle window on top is aligned directly above the front door.
Traditional Style – These homes are quite similar to the Country style. These houses pay more attention to historically accurate details than trying to design a simple and charm house.

Ranch Style – This is a regional style of the West and Southwest of the country. But they are found throughout the country today. The entire house is on one floor. The Ranch house became very popular in the 1950s and 60s.

Cottage Style – These are smaller houses that date back to the 1920s. A typical cottage has a generous front porch and a second story tucked into the attic. This style is very similar to the Craftsman, but the details are less expensive and simpler.

Roof Styles –

Flat Roof – This roof is easy to identify. It is easier to construct, more accessible, and safer if you stand on top of it. The disadvantage is, it require more maintenance compared to other roofs.

Hip Roof – This is a style that is quite similar to a Pyramid style. The only difference is the four sides of the roof would meet at a ridge or a flat spot instead of coming to a point at the top.

Pyramid Roof – This roof is shaped like a pyramid. These roofs are usually used on small structures such as pool houses and garages.

Saltbox Roof – This is a long-pitched asymmetrical roof with a short side as well as a long side.

Bonnet Roof – This is similar to a hip or pyramid roof. The difference is two sides of the roof slope out an angle.

The aforementioned article provides an overview of the different types of home styles and roof styles in the country.  For more information contact a roof repair contractor in your area.

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Creating the Outdoor Backyard Landscape of Your Dreams

Feb 7, 2016 by

Is it possible or out of my reach?

Every homeowner dreams of one day having a spot of land or a large beautiful backyard. One that is well landscaped and that they can use to enjoy a peaceful sunny afternoon to relax or to have friends over to entertain and BBQ.  What stops most of us from achieving that? Well it’s not the cheapest endeavor and can have some fairly steep costs involved to have the landscaping and project done right and by an experienced company.  The good news is that there are some options that can get you started in the right direction ultimately lead, in a step by step fashion, to you having the landscape of your dreams.

What are some steps I can take to creating a beautiful backyard environment?

backyard-landscaping-projectThere are many different elements and options that go into creating a beautiful backyard. You can start by having the area well manicured by a qualified landscaping company and then talk with them about your various options to start modifying your backyard environment.  Some things they will likely recommend are having a tiled or stoned porch or walkway with steps installed. This is something that is fairly economical and won’t break the bank.  Other options include having a small fish pond and fountain put it or another type of small water feature.  Lighting can also be a great entry option to add to your backyard that will add tons of ambiance and can be done relatively cheaply.  The more of these elements that you add the more your backyard will start to transform into something closer to what you had in your dreams 🙂

We hope you enjoyed a few of our ideas about getting started with your landscape project. We also hope it helped take some of the fear of getting started away.  If you live in the Vancouver, WA area of the Pacific Northwest we know a great company that can help you out with any project like this. See there links below:

Green Haven Inc.
10907 NE 117th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98662

A couple of other landscaping companies that you may want to give a call as well if you are in Vancouver:

Walsh & Company Landscape Maintenance
215 W 4th St #203
Vancover, WA
(360) 696-9890

GRO Outdoor Living

3601 NE 74th St
Vancover, WA
(360) 727-5975

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Proper Maintenance of Your Home’s Roof (Gutter Cleaning, Moss Removal, Roof Cleaning)

Jan 18, 2016 by

There are plenty of things you need to do as a homeowner to maintain the look and integrity of your home.
High on that list of things is making sure your roof and gutters are well maintained.

– Gutter cleaning

Ensuring that your gutter is in a good condition is very critical to your home’s value. Prevent costly gutter and roof damage by ensuring that your gutter as well as downspouts are flowing correctly and clean. Small animals like the squirrels as well as insects like bees, ants among other insects can bring about clogging from the nests they build in downspouts throughout the dry season. They can clog the downspouts even if the gutter appears to be clean along your roof line.

Branches and leaves pose a very big challenge for gutters almost every home. Seasonal changes and winds carry debris down on your roof and the leaves as well as twigs end up getting disposed at the bottom of the gutters.

When the gutters are clogged, water and rain will be obstructed from flowing off the roof. Instead the water may begin to seep into your roof structure leading to rotting and damages that can extremely lead to costly repair. Gutters clogged with dry leaves along with twigs may actually cause a house fire if a stray, the burning ember from the chimney escapes and settles on the dry leaves and twigs which may lead to kindling.

Roof Cleaning

Continuous buildup of debris can lead to a huge mess on your roof. Evacuating dirt, mold, debris, algae and moss as well as staining due to pollutants is one of the cleaning services that should be done on your home regularly. When cleaning it is good to use industrial cleaning supplies like the special chemicals as well as detergents to ensure that the dirt and grime is evacuated from your roof without experiencing bleaching or discoloration.

Organisms such as algae actually feed on the constituents of the roof shingles thus reducing the life span of your roof. When you encounter staining on your shingles, it is time to have a thorough cleaning. Dirt and moss also attract the insects that may enter your home, that why roof cleaning is necessary and should be added to your yearly home maintenance services. A clean roof can help prevent numerous common issues and will ensure that the roof looks like a brand new one.  For a quality roof cleaning contractor check out the website of Dial One Roofing.

Moss Removal

A good roof should be free from moss growth. Persistent moss and algae can be removed to ensure a clean roof to gain a new appearance. Growth of mold, lichen, algae, bacteria and moss can eat away your roof which may lead to permanent damage, thus a complete removal may be imminent. Killing all the moss growth that degrades your roof is very essential to achieve a clean and presentable roof. Proper cleaning after a while especially once a year will help you reduce the costs you might have incurred in replacing the whole roof.

When cleaning your roof avoid using pressure wash since it can lead to more damage. They spread around spores of the moss, mold, lichen and bacteria making the issue worse. When cleaning hire a professional cleaning company that understand these risks well.

We found a quality roofing company directory to help you find a contractor in just about every city:



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